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Forum Webinar: Increasing Congressional Support for Preservation During the Pandemic 

Forum Webinar: Increasing Congressional Support for Preservation During the Pandemic
Jim Igoe, Patrice Frey, Chris Moore, Kelly Lizarraga
Thursday, May 28, 2020
Note: In the video recording, at time stamp 39:23 the sound for our speaker, Chris Moore cuts out and the video jumps to the next presentation. Chris finishes his presentation at the conclusion of the webinar before the Q&A. 

In response to the public health and economic challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, Congress has passed four funding packages, and is currently working on additional legislative responses in the weeks or months to come. Preservationists need to get involved in these discussions – from ways to support America’s Main Streets to using revitalization as a proven method for stimulating job creation and local economies. Hear from Patrice Frey, CEO of Main Street America and Chris Moore, executive director of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, Kelly Lizarraga from the Coalition of American Heritage about how to put your best messages forward. about the needed work to secure preservation funding in future legislation. In this webinar from Preservation Leadership Forum, learn from the Government Relations team at the National Trust for Historic Preservation about some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

This webinar is part of a series by Preservation Leadership Forum dedicated to supporting the preservation community during the coronavirus pandemic.

See the link in the resources section below for the slide deck and additional handouts. 

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