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Forum Webinar: Coronavirus Response: the Historic Tax Credit as An Economic Recovery Tool 

Forum Webinar: Coronavirus Response: the Historic Tax Credit as An Economic Recovery Tool
Friday, April 24, 2020
The federal Historic Tax Credit is a proven economic stimulus tool that spurs community revitalization, creates jobs, and returns more money to the Treasury than it costs.

Join National Trust Community Investment Corporation, the Historic Tax Credit Coalition, and Preservation Leadership Forum as we convene industry and preservation leaders to discuss how the federal Historic Tax Credit can support revitalization efforts and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hear from Brian Goeken, AICP, Chief of Technical Preservation Services, National Park Service (NPS) and Ramona M. Bartos, MHP, JD, North Carolina Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer about how the National Park Service and State Historic Preservation Offices have successfully managed to continue processing applications by overcoming many challenges in a time of great need.

Learn from advocates why rehabilitation tax credits must be part of the government strategy to channel public and private dollars into local communities that are facing significant economic losses. Listen to a forecast of likely legislative activity in Congress over the next weeks and months and what the preservation community can do to help ensure historic preservation provisions are included in future economic stimulus bills. Finally, take with you advocacy materials that will help prepare for conversations with elected officials about the importance of a strengthened historic tax credit in our national response to the Corona virus pandemic.

This webinar is part of a series by Preservation Leadership Forum dedicated to supporting the preservation community during the coronavirus pandemic.
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