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Winter 2012 Forum Journal: Section 106 Uncensored: The Insider’s Perspective 

03-18-2016 17:21

We enlisted the help of an extraordinary group of authors, with decades of experience in Section 106 consultation. The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, state historic preservation offices, tribal historic preservation offices, federal agencies, statewide and local preservation advocates are all represented. These contributors continue the discussion begun by the groundbreaking 2010 National Trust report, Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act: Back to Basics. But they take the conversation one step further sharing their advice, wisdom, and candid perspectives on the Section 106 process. You will find powerful arguments for more innovative responses to a myriad of preservation challenges including sustainability and new energy technologies, while case studies from Hawaii, Kentucky, Arizona, and Indiana demonstrate Section 106 at its best.

We hope these new ideas and fresh perspectives will add to your understanding of the Section 106 process and help you to maximize the potential of this important law. As National Trust President Stephanie Meeks points out in her introductory essay, “Too often, Section 106 provisions are ignored, short-changed, or, in the case of anticipatory demolition, actively thwarted. The public’s role in the process is not always used effectively, despite the fact that local communities often stand to benefit most from the preservation of a beloved school, courthouse or community building.”

Everyone has a role to play in the Section 106 process. So take some time to learn more, discover fresh insights, and become familiar with the roles and perspectives of all stakeholders. Each author stresses the importance of public involvement—so take their advice to heart by delving into these thought-provoking and inspiring articles and begin your involvement today.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by Stephanie Meeks
  • Section 106: Responding Successfully to New Challenges by Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA
  • Returning Section 106 to Its Populist Roots by Don Klima
  • The Decision Maker’s Guide to Section 106 by Amos J. Loveday, Jr.
  • Sustaining Section 106 into the 21st Century: GSA’s Perspective by Beth L. Savage
  • Anticipatory Demolition: Tool for Protection or Paper Tiger? by Andrea C. Ferster
  • Statewide Organizations’ Involvement in Section 106 by Kiersten Faulkner
  • Section 106 from the SHPO Perspective by Craig Potts
  • Section 106 in Indian Country by Alan Downer
  • Wilson Bridge—A Section 106 Adventure in Saving Indiana’s Historic Bridges by Paul Brandenburg
  • Back to Basics—Directions for Change in Implementation of Section 106 by Leslie E. Barras

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Author(s):Stephanie Meeks, Milford Wayne Donaldson, Don Klina, Amos J. Loveday, Jr., Beth L. Savage, Andrea C. Ferster, Kiersten Faulkner, Craig Potts, Alan Downer, Paul Brandenburg, Leslie E. Barras
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