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Understanding the Historic Tax Credit in a Post-Reform World (January 9, 2018 | Public Policy Webinar) 

03-01-2018 11:46

On December 19th, 2017, Congress once again acknowledged historic preservation as a valuable economic development tool when it retained the 20% Historic Tax Credit in its tax bill. The credit’s retention is a significant accomplishment for preservationists, architects, contractors, mayors, Main Street organizations, developers, and property owners of historic buildings in towns all across America. Join this webinar to hear a recap of the bill’s provisions, the possible impacts of phasing on historic rehabilitation projects and the potential legislative vehicles that might be available in the remaining months of the 115th Congress to make changes. 

Speakers: Lawrence H. Curtis - President and Managing Partner, WinnDevelopment and National Trust Trustee, Greg Paxton - Executive Director, Maine Preservation and Patrick Robertson - FTI Consulting and lobbyist for Historic Tax Credit Coalition 

Moderator: Jim Igoe, Executive Director, Preservation Massachusetts


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