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Summer 2010 Forum Journal: Modernism + the Recent Past 

10-05-2016 20:38

IhYFU8NlTVaMgsEycWwi_Pages from FJ_summer_2010.jpgNow that we are fully ensconced in the 21st century, the preservation movement cannot afford to alienate emerging constituencies that are passionate about saving buildings and landscapes from the recent past, whether the rallying cry is for a suburban ranch house, a post office constructed of poured concrete, or a humble roadside motel aspiring to look like Mount Vernon. Contributors to this Forum journal on Modernism + the Recent Past discuss strategy, evaluation, and preservation of a diverse mix of American resources whose historical associations range from the Cold War to hip-hop culture to the internet age. We hope these articles will engage more people in these conversations and begin a series of focused dialogues centered on the development of preservation practice in the 21st century.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Christine Madrid French
  • The “Modern” Challenge to Preservation by Theodore H.M. Prudon
  • 50 Years Reconsidered by Elaine Stiles
  • Coming to Terms with the Sixties by Alan Hess
  • When in Rome by Paul Goldberger
  • Preserving the Birthplace of Hip Hop by David Gest
  • Preservation is Child’s Play: Saving a 1960s Park by Senya Lubisich
  • Earthworks: Art and Landscape in Washington’s Green River Valley by Cheryl dos Remédios

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Author(s):Madrid French, Prudon, Stiles, Hess, Goldberger, Gest, Lubisich, Dos Remedios
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Should saving modern and recent past resources be treated differently from preserving architecture from an older era? Is it time to re-evaluate the 50-year guideline as a way of determining the integrity and importance of a site to American history? How should preservationists deal with sites that are frequently targeted as unworthy of preservation, in particular the spaces that resulted from urban renewal and the spread of suburbia?