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Summer 2000 Forum Journal: Historic Preservation and Transportation 

02-21-2018 17:52

Table of Contents

  • Historic Preservation and Transportation by Richard Moe
  • Saving Historic Roads by Dan Marriott
  • New Jersey's Partnership Approach for Protecting Historic Roads by Mirium Crum and Andrea Tingey
  • Context-Sensitive Design in Connecticut by Will Britnell, Carl Bard, and Simone Cristofori
  • Understanding and Evaluating Transportation Enhancements by Dan Costello
  • Legal Remedies by Andrea C. Ferster and Elizabeth S. Merritt
  • HAER's Historic Road and Bridge Program by Eric DeLony
  • The Federal Highway Administration's Historic Preservation Program by Bruce Eberle
  • I Think That I Shall Never See A Billboard Lovely As A Tree by Meg Maguire and Frank Vespe


Author(s):Richard Moe, Andrea Tingey, Dan Costello, Elizabeth Merritt, Frank Vespe
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