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Stahl York Avenue Co. LLC vs. New York City 

03-29-2016 15:45

Featured are the following documents:

Full ruling in Stahl York Avenue Co. LLC vs. New York City as featured in the blog post New York City’s Landmarks Commission Wins Important Takings Lawsuit by Will Cook.

The National Trust joined the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts as friends of the court along with a coalition of other groups. The coalition was represented by attorney Michael Gruen, a seasoned preservation attorney in New York City who has participated in several important lawsuits there. Included here is the amici curiae memorandum. 

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pdf file
First Avenue Estate Stahl York Ave vs. City of NY Stallma... City of NY Stallman Opinion   2.59MB   1 version
Uploaded - 03-29-2016
Opinion from the Supreme Court of New York in Stahl vs. City of New York
pdf file
Amicus Memorandum on First Avenue Estate   2.12MB   1 version
Uploaded - 03-29-2016

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