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Spring 1990 Forum Journal 

03-11-2019 10:50

Table of Contents

  • Architectural Records Seen a Crucial to Historic Preservation by Sherry C. Birk
  • A New Urbanism Respectfully Blends the New with the Old by George M. Notter, Jr.
  • A Cacophonous Millieu's Treatens the Preservation Movement's Core by Gustavo F. Araoz and Brian L. Schuecker
  • Design Review Begets Quality Environments of Greater Value by Jo Ramsey Leimenstoll
  • The Secretary's Standards Can Be Harmful to Your Historic District by Katherine Raub Ridley
  • Federal Tax Incentives Have Radically Changed Preservation by H. Ward Jandl
  • Tax Reform Aftermath: What's New in Preservation Financing? By Nellie Longsworth, Fred H. Coperman, Thomas Moriarity, Donovan Rypkema, and Thomas Kuber
  • Sophisticated Computer Software Tracks Historic Resources by Constance Werner Ramirez
  • Protecting Historic Buildings as Highway Goes Undergrand by David M. Hart