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Replacement Windows for Historic Buildings: Managing Compromise When Perfection Is Out of Reach (PastForward Online 2021) 

11-05-2021 19:57

Saving and repairing an historic window is the obvious starting point to preserving the character and integrity of an historic building, but it may not always be reasonable, and increasingly often the historic windows are long gone. This workshop will look at how to approach replacement when it is needed. Careful observation of a window in all of its parts is key to managing the compromise that is inevitable when using modern manufactured products. This session will consider different levels of replacement and the effect of the materials used. By focusing on how we see a window we can determine what aspects are most critical for conveying an appropriate historic character and choose the best replacement for each unique application. Developed in partnership with the National Park Service

This skill building workshop is part of a series developed for the PastForward Online 2021 conference (savingplaces.org/conference). The series is free and open to all and compliments content in the conference program.

At the speaker's request the slide show is not available for this session. 

Speakers: John Sandor, National Park Service


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