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Preserving Resources from the Recent Past 

10-06-2016 18:51

cghPFTpS96aZljoowU5h_Preserving Resources cov1.jpgLove them or hate them, there’s no question that “modern” buildings of the post-war era (1940s to ’60s) transformed cities, towns, suburbs, and landscapes throughout the country. Now preservationists need to take a serious look at these resources—too new to be considered “historic” by many, but old enough to be in danger of alteration and replacement —to consider which ones merit protection.

Preserving Resources from the Recent Past, the 2007 Preservation Book by Jeanne Lambin, looks at the historic context of the post-war building boom, the special challenges of preserving this legacy, and some case studies of community successes. The 28-page book also features an illustrated guide to building types and styles. 

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Author(s):Jeanne Lambin
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A look at the unique challenges associated with preserving resources from the recent past followed by strategies and solution for preserving these important sites. Preservation Book issued in 2007.