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Preservation for People: A Vision for the Future 

05-17-2017 09:52

Fifty years ago, when historic places were being lost and destroyed with virtually no consideration for their importance to communities, the drafters of the National Historic Preservation Act envisioned a future where historic places are a living part of our community life. In celebrating the many successes of the Act, we have the opportunity not only to revisit the visionary goals of 1966 but also to forge our own vision of the future 50 years from now.

What are your thoughts on the Future of Preservation? How have you incorporated these elements in your efforts in saving places, or how do you plan on incorporating into your daily efforts? We want to hear your thoughts and questions around the concepts in this vision document … and your overall thoughts of what you think is important for preservation to remain relevant and energized as we look to the next 50 years of preservation. Join discussions. Post questions. Respond to your colleagues ideas and thoughts on Forum Connect. Forum Connect is an online community for leaders in the preservation field … all are welcome to join and get connected.

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