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New Tools for New Advocacy with the New Administration and the New Congress (November 30, 2016 | Public Policy Webinar) 

12-12-2016 15:20

As the Trump Administration establishes its policy agenda and the Members of the 115th Congress get organized, it is essential our community communicate the importance of the historic preservation.

Join the National Trust’s bi-monthly webinar to hear observations from Government Relations staff and learn about new advocacy tools that can be used to help educate our elected officials.

For example, one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the enormous impact of the federal historic tax is to list recent historic tax credit projects and show where these projects are occurring.  The National Trust offers a growing list of Maps, Economic Data and Project Lists for all 50 states and in select cities and Congressional districts.  These maps and project lists depict Federal Historic Tax Credit projects that received Part 3 certifications from the National Park Service (NPS) between the years 2002–2015.

In addition, Novogradac & Company, a member of the Historic Tax Credit Coalition, has created an interactive mapping tool.  David Grubman with Novogradac will explain how you can search for all of the Federal Historic Tax Credit projects in a given state, congressional district or specific geography using this new tool.

Note: Due to technical difficulties only a partial recording is available.

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