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May/June 1991 Forum Journal: Coping with the Economic Downturn 

03-11-2019 10:28

Table of Contents

  • Historic House Museums: Impacting Local Economies by Sandra K. Wilcoxon
  • The Recessions: Good News in Bad Times by Donovan Rypkema
  • The Pittsburgh Experience: Financing Preservation Projects in Low- and Moderate-Income Districts by Stanley A. Lowe, Walter C. Kidney and John Metzger
  • Okmulgee, Oklahoma: Bust to Boom by Ronald H. Frantz, Jr.
  • The Mad River Valley Initiative by Brian Shape
  • A Guide to Preservation Publications
  • Management: Salary Survey of Nonprofit Preservation Groups by Greg Coble
  • Archaeology: The Past Comes Alive in Our National Forests by Kathleen M. Reinberg