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From Vacancy to Vitality: Quantifying Infill Opportunity in Little Havana, Miami 

08-15-2019 10:26

As part of the National Trust’s role in developing the Little Havana Me Importa Revitalization Plan, the National Trust’s Research & Policy Lab explored pathways to accommodate neighborhood change without losing the older, smaller buildings that give the area its architectural character and support its rich cultural heritage. This report, produced in April 2018, includes the work of the Research & Policy Lab to quantify Little Havana’s vacant and underutilized space. They analyzed county assessor data and the city’s vacant property records and compared this information with recent satellite and street view imagery of the area. Reviewing the neighborhood’s satellite imagery block-by-block, they marked and tabulated vacant spaces. They counted any spaces that were either vacant lots, parcels used exclusively as surface parking lots, or buildings that were reported vacant in the previous 18 months of records. They excluded public parks, active construction sites, and parking spaces that share lots with existing structures.

Note: In late 2018, the Preservation Green Lab became the Research & Policy Lab.

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