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From Memory to Action: A Toolkit for Memorialization in Post-Conflict Societies 

06-05-2017 17:08

By Ereshnee Naidu
with contributions from Bix Gabriel and Mofidul Hoque

This toolkit from the The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience examines how questions of memory and memorialization are integral to how societies choose to understand the past in the present and how it affects the future.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: 

One of the core guiding principles of the International Coalition is the emphasis that members place on reciprocal learning and the exchange of ideas and best practice. As such, the toolkit is a collaborative effort that draws on the work of members from a variety of post-conflict settings. The toolkit was developed by Secretariat staff with input from members who participated in the June 2010 meeting.

Memorialization is context specific and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach; however, by drawing on the diversity of Coalition members’ work and the broad range of contexts within which member sites work, the toolkit aims to provide an overview of memorialization in post-conflict societies, share lessons learned, as well as work towards guidelines for best practice by providing creative ways to address some of the common challenges in undertaking memorial initiatives. As such, it is envisaged that the toolkit will provide basic guidance to questions of memorialization in post-conflict settings but will be adapted according to different contexts and different post-conflict needs.

It is envisaged that the toolkit will be a significant contribution to strengthening the learning community as we strive to use memory work to spark change, moving the public from memory to action!

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