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Fall 2013 Forum Journal: Study Abroad: Global Perspectives 

03-08-2016 16:34

Whether they are preserving thousand-year-old terraces in China or medieval French churches, preservationists around the world face many of the same challenges. How to design compatible additions to historic buildings? Should sacred spaces be repurposed? Is commercialism of historic sites a good idea? What is the best way to tell the story of indigenous people? How can historic places remain sustainable? Learn from your international colleagues how they approach these preservation issues and enjoy several delightful “preservation travelogues” (slide shows) that take you to beautiful historic places in China and England.

Travel abroad with Forum—no backpack needed.

Table of Contents

  • Learning from the International Community by David Brown
  • Global Heritage: The Process of Preservation by Vincent L. Michael
  • New Buildings in Historic Settings: Recent Conservation Experience in England by Steven W. Semes
    Preservation in France: Reflections from Three Hunt Fellows by Wendy Hillis, AIA, Mary Brush, AIA, Tina Roach, AIA
  • An Interview with Maria Llanos Martinez, ICOMOS Intern
  • Reincarnation of the Sacred Space: Issues in Adaptive Use of Hindu Temples in India by Ashima Krishna
  • Our Visions, Our Way: Community Transformations in St. Croix and the Virgin Islands by Chenzira Davis Kahina
  • Transient Heritage by Jeanne Lambin

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Author(s):David Brown, Vincent L. Michael, Steven W. Semes, Wendy Hillis, AIA, Mary Brush, AIA, Tina Roach, AIA, Maria Llanos Martinez, Ashima Krishna, Chenzira Davis Kahina, Jeanne Lambin
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Fall 2013 Forum Journal: Study Abroad Global Perspectives