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Fall 2012 Forum Journal - Game Changers: Forum Journal Articles That Have Made A Difference, 1987-2012 

03-08-2016 09:45

Twenty-five years ago, the National Trust committed itself to creating a “forum” to ask tough questions, share ideas and information, inspire action, and celebrate accomplishments. Forum Journal has been a key channel for this work. Our Fall 2012 edition features seven articles that have made a particular impact in the field – we call them game changers. These game changing articles challenged us to think in new ways and reprinting them offers a chance to look back.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Stephanie K. Meeks
  • The Future of the National Register by Carol Shull
  • The Critical Need for a Sensitive— and Sensible—National Transportation Policy by Constance E. Beaumont
  • Cultural Diversity in Historic Preservation: Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going by Toni Lee
  • I Can’t See It; I Don’t Understand It; And It Doesn’t Look Old to Me by Richard Longstreth
  • Economics and Historic Preservation by Donovan Rypkema
  • Are There Too Many House Museums? by Richard Moe
  • The Greenest Building Is…One That Is Already Built by Carl Elefante

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Author(s):Carol Shull, Constance E. Beaumont, Toni Lee, Richard Longstreth, Donovan Rypkema, Richard Moe, Carl Elefante, Stephanie K. Meeks
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Fall 2012 Forum Journal: Game Changers: Forum Journal Articles That Have Made a Difference, 1987-2012