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04-27-2016 09:42

[UPDATE] Final Comments have been added below (3/6/2017) Check additional resources below for some recent threats to the Planning Rule. 

The BLM is now revising the Draft Planning Rule that establishes the process for developing, revising, or amending its Resource Management Plans.

BLM manages lands that contain the largest, most diverse, and most scientifically important body of cultural resources of any federal land-managing agency. BLM is responsible for managing over 250 million surface areas and over 750 million acres of subsurface mineral resources, which contain important cultural landscapes and well over a million cultural sites, including historic and archeological ones.

The National Trust is deeply engaged in the effort to revise BLM’s planning rule, but if we are to succeed in ensuring that the rule sufficiently addresses cultural resources, it is critically important that BLM hear from as many voices within our community as possible.

We encourage those with an interest in historic preservation and cultural resource management on public lands to join this effort and submit comments to BLM. Comments should include relevant experiences or examples to illustrate key points.

The deadline for submitting comments is Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

More information about the process can be found here or through these resources below:

  • Talking points
  • NTHP draft comment letter
  • NTHP Scoping Comments from 2015

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