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Advocacy in Focus (Joint Webinar Series from Preservation Leadership Forum and Main Street America) 

08-10-2020 11:27

Whether making a specific policy ask or maintaining sustained support, community revitalization professionals and historic preservationists need to develop and hone advocacy skills. View recordings of this online course offered through the Main Street America Institute and presented by Preservation Leadership Forum for an in-depth overview of five key advocacy areas. This 5-part series features expert speakers and practitioners from across the community revitalization and preservation fields.

Each session runs about an hour: 

Part 1: Working with an Advocacy Coalition

Learn more about coalitions: their benefits, their activities, and how to get one started in your community. Plus, hear from two panelists who have successfully created powerful advocacy coalitions. This and more in Part 1 of our inaugural Advocacy in Focus online course.

Jannie Harriot, Executive Director, South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation
Mary M. Helmer, President/State Coordinator, Main Street Alabama

Renee Kuhlman, Director of Policy Outreach, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Part 2: Lobbying and Political Action 

What exactly is lobbying? Can nonprofits do it? Is there a difference between advocacy and lobbying? Get the answers to these questions and more in Part 2 of our Advocacy in Focus online course.

Ross Bradford, Deputy General Counsel, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Julie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Downtown Center
Erin Tobin, Vice President for Policy and Preservation, Preservation League of New York

Amanda Elliott, Senior Program Officer and Director of California Programs, National Main Street Center

Part 3: Communicating with Elected Official

Join us as we talk with a panel of elected officials on the importance of effective communication in advocacy efforts. This and more in Part 3 of our Advocacy in Focus online course.

Janelle DiLuccia, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Russ Carnahan, Preservation Action
Verna Jones-Rodwell, Baltimore City Main Street Coordinating Program
Tom Butt, Mayor of Richmond, CA

Part 4: Advocacy Media Communications

"The media can be our friend," opens Panelist Rebecca Morgan. Learn more about how to strategically use mass media to advance public policy initiatives in Part 4 of our Advocacy in Focus online course.

Rebecca Morgan, NAFSA: Association of International Education
Meagan Baco, Preservation Maryland
Peggy Moretti, Restore Oregon<h3

Part 5: Growing a Grassroots Network

Effective grassroots advocacy can activate a broad group to act on an important issue and give people the tools they need to communicate powerfully. Learn more about how to grow your grassroots network in Part Five of our Advocacy in Focus online course.

Michael Phillips, National Trust Community Investment Corporation
Briana Grosicki, Preservation Action
Joyce Barrett, Heritage Ohio, Inc.

Additional Resources: Advocacy Toolkit
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