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Using State Historic Tax Credits to Create Affordable Housing

In this webinar, which took place June 30, 2021, listen to three perspectives on how state historic tax credits can help repurpose historic buildings to create new units of affordable housing. Leslie Reid serves as the CEO of Madison Park Development Corporation, one of the largest...

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Preservation Advocacy During the Congressional Lame-Duck and Looking Forward to the 117th Congress

Recording of a Forum Webinar that occurred on November 18, 2020. Join preservation partners, congressional staff, and National Trust’s government relations team for a presentation on the most pressing policy issues facing the preservation community in the months ahead. Learn how the results of...

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Extending the HTC During Coronavirus

On July 30, the IRS provided important relief for historic tax credit projects that are underway but facing significant delays because of Covid-19. Specifically, the IRS extended the deadline for certain rehabilitation projects to satisfy the substantial rehabilitation test when claiming...

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Opportunity Zones and Historic Preservation: At the Crossroads

At the National Trust’s 2019 PastForward Conference in Denver, Opportunity Zones were a popular topic. Opportunity Zones have gained significant attention and notoriety as either a potential new tool for historic preservation or a modern iteration of Urban Renewal. For those that missed the...

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Mapping Where History and Opportunity Meet

With contributions from Shaw Sprague and Dan Watts Included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Opportunity Zones are perhaps the single largest new federal tax incentive in decades. Designed to spur private investment to revitalize distressed communities, Opportunity Zones have the...

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The Missing Key: A Study of the Impact and Potential of the Pennsylvania State Historic Tax Credit

With the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Tax Credit PA-HPTC set to expire in 2020, this timely study examined the impacts and effectiveness of historic tax credit projects that utilized the PA-HPTC, the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit, or both. This study also compares the PA-HPTC to other...

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Forum Webinar: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

Last week the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Government Relations department, the National Trust Community Investment Corporation’s (NTCIC) , and Main Street America cohosted Preservation Leadership Forum’s most recent Forum Webinar , which explored both the opportunities and...

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Slide Deck: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

This is the slide deck for the joint Forum and Public Policy Webinar "Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community" that took place on January 17, 2019. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives #OpportunityZones

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Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community (January 17, 2019 | Forum & Public Policy Joint Webinar)

Learn about the “opportunities” and potential issues for preservation presented by the new federal incentive called Opportunity Zones. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives #OpportunityZones

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Fifteen Opportunity Zone Resources Available Right Now

By Heather Buethe, Hannah White, and Anthony Veerkamp Preservationists across the country are working to get up to speed on Opportunity Zones , but trying to educate yourself can feel like taking a sip from the proverbial firehose. A Google search for “Opportunity Zones” turns up more than...

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