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Smart Growth and Resilience in the Face of Another Ellicott City Flood

When I last visited Ellicott City just a few weeks ago, I saw a community full of hope and potential. Two years after the devastating 2016 flood, Main Street bustled with activity and new life. Just a few short days later, that new reality was shattered by a ferocious wall of water. ...

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First & Main: Local Elected Officials Fight for Main Street

By John Robert Smith Local elected officials are uniquely positioned to tell federal decision-makers what their communities need to flourish, and scores of them are uniting behind a new blueprint for prosperity in these smaller and midsized communities. The nonpartisan First & Main...

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Winter 2003 Forum Journal: Cities, Suburbs & Countryside

​ Table of Contents * Bringing the Preservation Message to Broader Audiences by Richard Moe * A Welcome to Cleveland by Mayor Jane L. Campbell * Protecting Historic Resources Through Partnerships by Fran P. Mainella * Preserving the Full Scope of America’s Past by Rodney J....


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How Preservationists Can Use Public Opinion Surveys on Sprawl

Sprawl and smart growth are on the minds of many Americans. A February 1999 survey released by the Pew Center for Civic Journalism found that in the four cities surveyed-Denver, Philadelphia, San Francis-co, and Tampa-a cluster of issues including sprawl, unfettered growth, and traffic...

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Chicago: Leading America`s Urban Renaissance

Chicago`s historic buildings do much more than remind people about the city`s history. They are an essential part of our approach to economic development, providing opportunities for employment, tourism, investment, and an improved quality of life. After more than a decade as mayor of Chicago,...

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New Alliances Promote Kentucky’s Rich Heritage

My family and the other early settlers who came to Kentucky were drawn by the beauty of the land, the richness of the natural resources, and the potential for personal and economic prosperity. And they developed a rich tradition of architecture and craftsmanship that built on our state’s...

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Tulsa: Urban Neighborhoods Hold the Key to Smart Growth

Y our city, its growth, enterprise, cleanliness, beauty and prosperity is your responsibility. Are you working at it? A city, like a tree, grows as it is trained, straight or crooked. If selfishness dominates it, it will not thrive, and no one will love it. If generous men and women with vision...

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City Renewal is Smart Growth

The following is an excerpt from a speech prepared for a statewide conference on smart growth held in Greensboro, N.C., in January 2000. Plans for inner-city projects must take into account that cities are characterized by continuous change and by economic and social diversity. As a result,...

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The Case of the Northeastern Village: Broadening Preservation`s Definition

In the 1990s efforts to save the natural environment are moving from the protection of endangered species to the protection of endangered environments on the grounds that what really is important is the entire complex of biosystem and habitat that supports species survival. 1 In a parallel...

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Urban Revitalization: When Rehab Grows Up

"Our allegiance is to the future, not the past." This statement, spoken during a heated discussion about the fate of historic downtown Pittsburgh in light of the most recent urban renewal proposal, was not stated by the project developer or by city redevelopment staff. Instead, the chairman...