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New Collection of Essays: Bending the Future: 50 Ideas for the Next 50 Years of Historic Preservation in the United States

The 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA)—the cornerstone of preservation practice in the United States—has spurred conferences, articles, and celebrations throughout 2016. One of the most lasting and influential looks to the future to emerge from this...

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New Housing Designs Based on Traditional Mississippi Architecture

Architectural education has always been about hands-on learning. This type of learning, however, can no longer be done solely within the confines of the design studio. This is not only due to the rate at which construction technologies and techniques are changing, but also due to the demands of...

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Historians and Preservationists: A Partnership for the Centuries

Like many others, I came to preservation through a visit to a historic place. While researching a book on the Civil War some years ago, I visited a number of battlefields where the Army of the Potomac fought. It was a moving experience to walk those fields and fencerows, but it was also alarming...

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Historic Preservation as an Urban Design Strategy

I will share with you thoughts on the early stages of the design of the building we are proposing adjacent to the Society for Savings Bank in Cleveland, to be called Society Center. Perhaps I am fortunate that in some of my earlier buildings I confronted the issue of design within the historic...

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Present at the Creation: A Personal History of With Heritage So Rich

While it is probably presumptuous and historically inaccurate to equate Uncle Tom`s Cabin with With Heritage So Rich , in American history it is rare indeed to find that one book is responsible for a major reform and for major public and private actions on a national scale over a period of...

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Looking Forward by Looking Back: With Heritage So Rich

In her introduction to the Fall 2015 issue of Forum Journal National Trust President Stephanie Meeks quotes Albert Rains and Laurance G. Henderson, chairman and director, respectively of the Special Committee for Historic Preservation. "We on the committee have wanted to know what is...

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