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Resource List: Learning About LGBTQ Spaces Through Mapping and Context Statements

Last fall during the PastForward Online 2020 diversity affinity session on the preservation of LGBTQ Historic Sites, attendees flooded the chat with links to resources related to the LGBTQ history in the United States. While you can access the full list of links and watch the affinity session ...

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How Mapping the Chesapeake Watershed Will Illuminate African American History

In recent years, historic preservationists have acknowledged that historic sites and landscapes important to people of color are underrepresented in documentation and conservation priorities—a deficit that has deep repercussions for efforts to tell the full American story . In an often-cited...

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Early Integration of Historic and Cultural Resources into Infrastructure Planning: If You Don’t Map It, You Can’t Save It

This post originally appeared on Bipartisan Policy Center as part of a series on environmental review and permitting. Federal investment in our country’s aging infrastructure is overdue and is critical to the vitality of the communities where we live and work. Efficient delivery of...

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Mapping Where History and Opportunity Meet

With contributions from Shaw Sprague and Dan Watts Included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Opportunity Zones are perhaps the single largest new federal tax incentive in decades. Designed to spur private investment to revitalize distressed communities, Opportunity Zones have the...

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Webinar: The Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project

On January 30 Preservation Leadership Forum hosted the most recent Forum Webinar , which outlined the ongoing Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project. This work, funded in part by the National Park Service, is expanding our understanding of the current status of Rosenwald Schools throughout the...

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Slide Deck: The Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project

This is the slide deck for "The Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project" webinar that took place on January 30, 2019. #Rosenwald #mapping #AfricanAmerican

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The Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project (January 30, 2019 | Forum Webinar)

This webinar highlighted the important role of Rosenwald Schools in American history and the present day. John Hildreth, Senior Advisor for Special Projects at the National Trust, explains the historical context of Rosenwald Schools. Ian Spangler, PhD student at the University of Kentucky, then...

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A New Tool for Exploring America's Historic Post Offices

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to announce the publication of a digital tool that shares stories of how America’s post offices have been adapted for community-serving uses. “SOLD: America's Historic Post Offices” is a GIS-enabled story map that documents 20 historic post...

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