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A Roadmap to Intangible Heritage in San Francisco: The Legacy Businesses Program

Local businesses are more than the hub of America’s economic engine. Everywhere from small towns to big cities, they create spaces to gather and connect, support local sports leagues, and provide teenagers their first jobs. They define the identity and values of neighborhoods and are just as...

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Forum Webinar: Preserving and Supporting Businesses in Historic Neighborhoods

On Thursday, April 27, as part of its ongoing webinar series, Preservation Leadership Forum hosted “ Preserving and Supporting Businesses in Historic Neighborhoods ” in collaboration with NeighborWorks America. Pacific Cafe in San Francisco. | Credit: San Francisco Heritage This webinar...

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Preserving and Supporting Businesses in Historic Neighborhoods (April 27, 2017 | Forum Webinar)

Small local businesses contribute to the vitality of older neighborhoods. In addition to offering essential service, they serve as community anchors and contribute to a neighborhood’s unique sense of place. Join the National Trust for Historic Preservation and NeighborWorks America to learn...

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preservationFUTURE: A Reading List

The third track of the PastForward conference will look at ways to make preservation more relevant in communities nationwide. Over the past year, many preservation organizations, government agencies and non-traditional preservation groups and individuals have been discussing the future of...

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