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Detroit's Foundation Hotel: Navigating Pitfalls and Unlocking Opportunities in a Historic Hotel Renovation

By Kevin Blind and Todd Sachse In a city like Detroit, an ongoing urban renaissance and an abundance of historically significant buildings presents exciting opportunities for renovation and reinvention. However, transforming an architectural landmark isn’t exactly a paint-by-numbers process....

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“Just Say Yes”: How Improvisation and Craft Shaped the Restoration of the Chicago Athletic Association Building

By Paul Alessandro Improvisation is the art of crafting a story based on bits of information contributed by the audience as well as fellow performers. Each night in improv theaters all over Chicago, actors use a simple rule to forward their improvisations and support one another&rsquo...

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Conservation as a Creative Act: A Review of Tabula Plena: Forms of Urban Preservation

A 2011 terrorist bombing in the national government quarter of Oslo damaged two central modernist buildings and set the Norwegian government on a path of demolition and replacement that raised questions of national remembrance, security, preservation, and democratic consensus. That incident...

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Participating in a Community Design Charrette for Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom

In May the Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project of Richmond, Virginia, invited Max Page and Joseph Krupczynski from the Center for Design Engagement —a nonprofit organization affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Amherst—to spend a week in Richmond working with the community...

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Memorandum of Understanding: IdeasCity Detroit

By Cara Michell In 2011 New York City’s New Museum launched a biennial program called IdeasCity to promote the exchange of ideas about how art and culture can strengthen cities around the world. Recently, under the leadership of IdeasCity Director Joseph Grima and New Museum Deputy...

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Developing Sustainability Guidelines for Historic Districts (2011)

A guide for historic preservation commissions on how to include sustainability principles in design guidelines for rehabilitation of historic properties and for design of compatible new construction in historic districts. #PreservationTools #GreenGuidelines #historicdistricts #design


Contributing Structure

Building or structure in historic district that generally has historic, architectural, cultural, or archeological significance. Source : Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing Historic Resources Protection ....