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A Missing Lesson from Charlottesville: Heritage as a Driver of Inclusion

In the last few weeks, “heritage” has trended on social media and in popular discourse more than at any other time in recent history. It started when violence flared on the streets of Charlottesville, ostensibly over the fate of an outdoor bronze equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee. The images...

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Two Years Later: Impact of the Vacant Home Tour on a Community

By Marlee Gallagher In 2014 I went to a neighbor’s house for a community meeting and met graduate student, Ken Chu, along with a group of other Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) students, both graduate and undergraduate. They were all enrolled in a class focused on the intersection of design...

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Making the Past Come Alive Through Historic Places

By Glenn Wilson and Essence Wilson Why is it sometimes so difficult for Americans to connect with our history? Perhaps some of us take our history for granted or get hung up on the parts that are not so positive. And could it also be that the way history is traditionally presented is ......

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Summer 2016 Forum Journal: The Full Spectrum of History: Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion in Preservation

Today’s preservation movement is increasingly committed to saving places that tell a full, inclusive story of our nation’s past. Preservationists are engaging and learning from diverse communities to remedy the biases and oversights of earlier historians. Last year, at our national conference...

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Act of identifying historic structures and districts subject to regulation in historic preservation ordinances or other preservation laws. Source : Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing Historic Resources...

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Preserving Wisconsin’s Civic Legacy, A Guide to Rehabilitation and Reusing Local Government Properties

This booklet, created by the National Trust’s former Midwest Office in 2010, with funding from the Jeffris Family Foundation of Janesville, Wis., is designed to help municipalities save and reuse their historic buildings. #Rehabilitation #community #AdaptiveUse #RealEstate ...


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Community-Owned Stores:New Anchors for Older Main Streets

Six years ago, Powell, Wyo. (population: 5,373), lost its only department store when Stage, a regional chain, decided to shutter a portion of its outlets. Residents suddenly faced a 50-mile round trip to the big-box stores in Cody or a 200-mile round trip to the mall in Billings, Mont., to buy...