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Serving Versus Observing Communities as Part of Preservation Practice

By Adriel Luis Editor's Note: This piece came out of a session at the 2018 PastForward Conference in San Francisco, California, which was led by Adriel Luis and Michelle Angela Ortiz . The session focused specifically on working and communicating with underrepresented communities as...

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Probing the Issues of Town/Gown Conflict

When word leaks out that a university is going to expand, waves of fear sometimes spread through adjacent neighborhoods. Uncertainty and rumors abound. These neighborhoods were often established to support the institution with housing and services. Now they are in jeopardy by virtue of the...

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Fast Food Chains: A Review of Their Evolution and Visual Impact on Communities

Fast-food chains have had a great visual impact on nearly every community in the United States. They differ in appearance from local restaurants because of two major factors: First, fast-food chains are designed to get people in and out quickly in order to accommodate high customer volume. The...

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An Old Bridge Speaks About Race and History

Patricia Tyson has lived in her Silver Spring, Maryland, neighborhood for most of her life. She believes that the nearby Talbot Avenue Bridge, which is slated for demolition in early 2019 to make way for the construction of the new Purple Line light rail, has a voice. When Tyson was a child...

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Blog Series: America's Eroding Edges

The edges of our country are eroding. From Alaska to Louisiana, centuries of culture, tangible history, and dynamic communities are being battered by stronger storms and sea level rise—raising difficult questions about adaptation, relocation, and what it means to be an American experiencing...

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Slide Deck: National Marine Sanctuaries: Communities Saving Places

This is the slide deck for the Forum Webinar "National Marine Sanctuaries: Communities Saving Places" which took place on July 18. #NationalTreasure #GhostFleet #community

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A Missing Lesson from Charlottesville: Heritage as a Driver of Inclusion

In the last few weeks, “heritage” has trended on social media and in popular discourse more than at any other time in recent history. It started when violence flared on the streets of Charlottesville, ostensibly over the fate of an outdoor bronze equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee. The images...

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