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[Slide Deck] Forum Webinar: Transforming Digital Engagement at Historic Sites

As we all know, preservationists and history professionals across the country have been forced to shift overnight the way they share, engage, and tell their stories from in-person programming to the digital realm. We recognize this has not been easy. Our webinar from Preservation Leadership...

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Using Laser Scanning Technology to Record the LULAC Council 60 Clubhouse

When driving down Bagby Street in Houston, Texas, a bustling one-way throughway, you will zoom right by a white stucco two-story structure. If you do notice the old house that was built in 1907, you may not think anything about the unassuming, and decaying, building. The LULAC Council 60...

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@PreservationToolkit: Using Instagram to Build Connections and Content in New Orleans

As a preservation developer, I advocate for policies that encourage the rehabilitation of historic structures, while also undertaking rehabilitation projects for my own account and that of others. My company tries to maximize the social impact of our work beyond the bricks and mortar of...

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Rome: An Ancient City in the 21st Century

I will admit that walking in the dark on a glass floor suspended 10 feet over an archaeological site several yards underground gave me pause at first. But once the room was illuminated by a multimedia presentation highlighting the ancient mosaic tile floors, columns, swimming pools, baths, and...

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Forum Webinar: Managing Photography at Historic Sites

On March 19 Preservation Leadership Forum and two of the National Trust’s Historic Sites joined forces to host the most recent Forum Webinar —a conversation about DIY photography at historic sites. Panelists Corey Heyward, Wexler Curatorial Fellow at Drayton Hall , and Christa Carr, director...

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Network: The Computer Bulletin Board

Satellite transmission. Telecommunication. A fax machine in every office. A computer on every desk. A phone in every car. Communication is constantly improving and the world is continually growing smaller because of these expanding opportunities. Can the preservation community grow closer...

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We Can Carry the Change in Preservation Forward—But Not Alone

Preservationists have made substantial progress toward a more inclusive, less restricted movement. Our practice is increasingly multifaceted—we are staffing historic sites, working in construction trades, supporting real estate and economic development, and working as advocacy professionals. And...

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