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Forum Webinar: Ensuring Perpetuity: Effective Easement Monitoring

On March 13 Preservation Leadership Forum hosted the most recent Forum Webinar , which focused on easement monitoring as a critical component of a preservation organization’s easement program. Regular monitoring not only ensures compliance with the property’s easement but it can also be a...

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We Can Carry the Change in Preservation Forward—But Not Alone

Preservationists have made substantial progress toward a more inclusive, less restricted movement. Our practice is increasingly multifaceted—we are staffing historic sites, working in construction trades, supporting real estate and economic development, and working as advocacy professionals. And...

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The Preservation Budget: FY 2020

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to release “The Preservation Budget: Select Preservation Priorities for FY 2020 Appropriations.” This new report and its one-pagers are designed to assist congressional staff and our preservation partners in appreciating—and advocating for...

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Local Government and Historic Preservation

As recently as twenty-five years ago most local governments were not involved in historic preservation activities. Rare were such communities as Savannah, Georgia, or Charleston, South Carolina, which had established historic district ordinances and public commissions responsible for protecting...