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Widening Influence of Growth Management Strategies on Historic Preservation

At a conference last March, 43 persons - lawyers, planners, preservationists, city officials - offered their learned views on the correlation of growth management and preservation. Topics included zoning tools, integrating preservation values into local growth management efforts, and economic...

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Design Guidelines: A Preservation Perennial

Design guidelines are a perennial of preservation. I hear the same debate today regarding the pros and cons of guidelines-- and almost verbatim--that I heard in the 1970s when I first became interested in the public design-review process. Even proponents of design guidelines have differing...

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Este Lugar Vale: Preservation 101

By Tanya Bowers From churches to casitas and from panaderias to dance halls, Latino culture is an important part of our country’s story. Yet the very sites that tell these stories are often unknown, ignored, and unappreciated. But communities can take steps to protect these cultural resources,...

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Lobbying 101: Advocating for Historic Preservation

Fact: Lobbying is nothing more than simply being a strong voice for heritage resources in your community, a role preservationists play every day through every action undertaken to preserve historic resources. Fact: The most fundamental part of lobbying is establishing positive long-term,...

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Preserving African American Historic Places

Click on the image above to download the PDF of this publication. In 2004 my job as research assistant for the Kentucky Heritage Council was to inventory Rosenwald Schools in Kentucky. I traveled across the state to document what were the most advanced, architecturally designed...

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