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Outside the Box: A Reading List For Change

Last week Preservation Leadership Forum published a piece by Brown University professor Marisa Angell Brown that addressed “Preservation’s Existential Crisis.” In that piece Brown examined some of the standard practices of preservation and described how some of these methods are used to create...

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Historic & Green in Connecticut

If you believe what you read in some papers historic preservation is a dead and dying movement, unable to adapt to modern challenges, including climate change. The truth is, there are many preservationists who see the need to forge common ground with non-preservationists. This growing...

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Neighborhood Conservation Districts: Planning and Administrative Practices

As part of the National Trust’s work with the City of Detroit on the Jefferson-Chalmers National Treasure Campaign and Neighborhood Development and Implementation Plan, we have been asked to conduct a review of neighborhood conservation district implementation and administrative models. To...

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September/October 1992 Forum Journal: Focus on Local Planning

Table of Contents Saving Architectural Stained Glass by Maureen Clarke Philadelphia's Preservation Incentive by Donna Ann Harris The Case of the Northeastern Village by Philip B. Herr Resource Directory for Preservation Planning State: California's Stewardship of Historic...

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Resource Directory for Preservation Planning

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT The National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, is the federal agency responsible for the national historic preservation program. The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 creates the basic framework for community preservation planning and provides the...

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State: California's Stewardship of Historic Resources

Every preservationist knows that "heritage resources provide not only continuity with our past, but foster community pride, stimulate economic activity, improve housing, enhance the quality of life, and draw hundreds of thousands of visitors every year." These were among the words California...

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Slide Deck: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

This is the slide deck for the joint Forum and Public Policy Webinar "Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community" that took place on January 17, 2019. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives #OpportunityZones

January 2019 Webinar on Opportunity Zones - FINAL PPT - To Share.pdf

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Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community (January 17, 2019 | Forum & Public Policy Joint Webinar)

Learn about the “opportunities” and potential issues for preservation presented by the new federal incentive called Opportunity Zones. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives #OpportunityZones

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Opportunity Zones Come Into Focus

By now, you’ve probably heard about Opportunity Zones, but you may still not be sure whether to be excited, alarmed, or indifferent regarding their implications for your community. That’s no surprise—depending on whom you ask, Opportunity Zones constitute either the most significant federal...

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