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Lessons Learned, Lessons Shared: A Q & A with Jannie Harriot

The work of the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission (SCAAHC), which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, illustrates how grassroots organizations and leaders can have a significant impact on historic preservation efforts in their state. Founded as a council in 1993 and...

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2019 National Preservation Law Conference: Attacks on the Antiquities Act

The 2019 National Preservation Law Conference was held on Tuesday, June 25 in Washington, D.C. The conference is put on by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in partnership with Georgetown University Law Center. This intense one-day summit provided a highly focused look into historic...

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Network: Learning from San Antonio's Preservation Leadership Training Program

One of the most important lessons to be teamed from military strategy is how to retreat effectively. Because historic preservation efforts often seem to parallel military moves, hard-fought battles, and conciliatory negotiations, we as preservationists also need to learn to retreat effectively. ...

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Saving Places Conference

Preservation Leadership Training® at Saving Places Conference Thursday, February 7 Ι Denver, Colorado Join the National Trust for Historic Preservation at Colorado Preservation Inc's annual conference for a full day of intensive learning focused on building capacity for local non-profit...

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Board Basics

Historical Real Estate Finance Training information and dates Preservation Leadership Training® Targeted: Board Building and Preservation Planning Workshop Brought to you by National Trust for Historic Preservation and made possible through the generous support of the National Museum of African...

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Full History

GIS historic preservation training, preservation mapping, historic preservation tools and techniques Preservation Leadership Training® Repair Work: Telling the Full History at Our Historic Sites March 27, 2018 Connecticut Convention Center Hartford, CT In conjunction with the National Council...

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Preservation Leadership Training with discussions, case studies, and immersive experiences designed to inspire new thinking about historic sites and house museums Preservation Leadership Training®: Reimagining Intersections at Historic Sites Hosted by the National Trust for Historic...

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Law Conference

Historical Real Estate Finance Training information and dates National Preservation Law Conference 2019 A program of Preservation Leadership Training® Brought to you by National Trust for Historic Preservation in partnership with Georgetown University Law Center and Georgetown Law Tuesday...

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IT WORKS! Success Stories in Preservation: Preservation Leadership Training Brings Results in Host Communities

Think of some city or town with an old, abandoned school (factory, theater, hotel…). Some locals remember it fondly and hope to see it come back into use. Others assume the empty, deteriorating old hulk is past saving. Along come two or three dozen preservationists from around the...