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From Vacancy to Vitality in Little Havana

With contributions from Carson Hartmann In many cities across the country, older neighborhoods are experiencing intense development pressures. City planners, preservationists, and residents are considering how to maintain community identity while also accommodating growth. In such scenarios,...

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Forum Journal: Heritage in the Landscape

The latest issue of Forum Journal examines the history, issues, and current conversations surrounding the preservation of cultural landscapes. In her introductory piece on cultural landscapes and the National Register, Barbara Wyatt explains that there is no single, rigid definition for a...

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Neighborhood Conservation Districts: Planning and Administrative Practices

As part of the National Trust’s work with the City of Detroit on the Jefferson-Chalmers National Treasure Campaign and Neighborhood Development and Implementation Plan, we have been asked to conduct a review of neighborhood conservation district implementation and administrative models. To...

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On the Hill: Huge Wins for Historic Preservation in Senate-Passed Public Lands Package (Updated 3/12)

Editor's Note: On Tuesday, March 12 the president signed the Public Lands package into law . Learn more about how the Natural Resources Management Act preserves historic resources and cultural landscapes, including the Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia, Historically Black Colleges and...

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Webinar: The Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project

On January 30 Preservation Leadership Forum hosted the most recent Forum Webinar , which outlined the ongoing Rosenwald Schools GIS Mapping Project. This work, funded in part by the National Park Service, is expanding our understanding of the current status of Rosenwald Schools throughout the...

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On the Hill: Final FY19 Appropriations Passes, Finally; Preview of Big Wins for Public Lands

Facing a Friday deadline—the current short-term funding bill expires today, February 15—congressional negotiators reached an agreement to address border security and finalize the remaining FY19 appropriations bills earlier this week. The House of Representatives and Senate approved the measure...

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Building Partnerships Along Route 66

The most enduring highway in our public consciousness, Route 66 represents a chapter in our history that continues to define the nation’s identity: the rise of the automobile and its implications of freedom, mobility, and a quintessential American story. From July 2 to August 3, 2018,...

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Members of Congress Stand Up for Bear Ears

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s legal defense of the Bears Ears National Monument took another step forward last month when a variety of stakeholders filed briefs in support of the monument designation. The lawsuit contends that the Trump administration exceeded its authority...

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A New Tool for Exploring America's Historic Post Offices

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to announce the publication of a digital tool that shares stories of how America’s post offices have been adapted for community-serving uses. “SOLD: America's Historic Post Offices” is a GIS-enabled story map that documents 20 historic post...

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It Takes a Coalition: Preserving George Washington’s Princeton Battlefield

By Jim Lighthizer Coalitions are vital for harnessing the power of strong, unified voices and inspiring concerted action. Where a single voice would not be enough to succeed, forming an alliance of like-minded preservation organizations can shift the balance. Over a span of two years, the ...

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