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RPM (revolutions per minute): A Look at the Role of Sound at Philip Johnson's Glass House

Originally published in Cultured Magazine (September 2018) This post is part of an examination of the role intangible heritage plays in preservation and storytelling. You can learn more in the latest issue of Forum Journal . A curatorial project from the start, the Glass House of...

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More than Maintenance: Replacing the Glass of the Glass House

By Ashley Wilson and Anna Blyth Philip Johnson’s Glass House , the National Trust for Historic Preservation Historic Site in New Canaan, Connecticut, spans 49 acres that once belonged to one of the United States’ prominent modernist architects. Johnson used the property as a playground for...

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Fall 2000 Forum Journal: Our Post-War Past

​ Table of Contents When Sprawl Become Historic by Richard Moe Establishing Civilization on the Suburban Frontier by Charlene Roise Convergence: Commercial Advertising, the Automobile and Economic Freedom by Ted J. Ligibel The Extraordinary Postwar Suburb by Richard...


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Summer 2004 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

Table of Contents * Marketing the Preservation Message by Gerald L. Baliles * Rallying Support for Resources from the Recent Past by Jeanne Lambin and Adrian Scott Fine * The Oversimplification of Gentrification by Donovan D. Rypkema * Issue-Based Preservation: The Prairie Churches of...


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Fall 2005 Forum Journal: Preservationists Debate the Recent Past

Table of Contents The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Preservationists Debate the Recent Past by Jennifer Emerson and Martin L. J. Newman Remembering Our Not-So-Distant-Past: Some Thoughts Three Decades Later by Chester H. Liebs Saving the Recent Past – A Philosophical and Practical...

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Summer 2007 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Contents Introduction by Richard Moe Obey the Imperatives of Our Own Moment: A Call for Quality Contemporary Design in Historic Districts by de Teel Patterson Tiller “Differentiated” and “Compatible”: Four Strategies for Additions to Historic Settings by...

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Re-Imagining the New York State Pavilion Using Virtual Reality

In 1964–65 New York City hosted the World’s Fair, an event that drew an estimated 51 million visitors to Queens’ Flushing Meadows Corona Park for a celebration of culture and technology. One of structures built for the fair, designed by world-renowned architect Philip Johnson, was the New York...

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Pocantico Fellowship

GIS historic preservation training, preservation mapping, historic preservation tools and techniques 2020 Pocantico Fellowship My two-week residence at the Marcel Breuer House offered a respite from my busy professional work life in Los Angeles–a welcome change where you suddenly find yourself...

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Modern & Recent Past Heritage Booklets

TrustModern, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Modernism + Recent Past program (2008-2012) through 2009 and 2010 convened of a series of Modern Modules to increase public awareness and appreciation of our nation’s rich more recent built environment. The Modules were...

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