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New Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses from Main Street America

Editor's Note: This piece is cross posted from Main Street America. You can read the full piece and take a closer look at the data for the report on their website. If you want to learn more you can listen to their webinar from April 16 that goes deeper into the report. By Main...

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Forum Webinar: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

Last week the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Government Relations department, the National Trust Community Investment Corporation’s (NTCIC) , and Main Street America cohosted Preservation Leadership Forum’s most recent Forum Webinar , which explored both the opportunities and...

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Summer 2012 Forum Journal: Green and Local Powers Preservation

​ Cities both large and small are embracing sustainability for a number of reasons and in a variety of different ways. The Summer 2012 issue of Forum Journal focuses on the efforts of local communities to integrate historic preservation with sustainability goals. These efforts range from ...


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Summer 2009 Forum Journal: Responding to the Economic Downturn

This summer's Forum Journal responds and examines some of the trends in historic preservation. Read Donovan Rypkema's 20/20 Vision into the Future, and how Statewide and Local Partners are reacting to the economy in their localities. Anita Durel looks to options for museums and historic sites,...


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Letter to Congress by Main Street Communities on Deferred Maintenance at the National Park Service

​A copy of our national sign-on Main Street letter to Congress asking their support for preserving historic and cultural sites in the National Park system submitted on May 22, 2017​ #NationalParkService #MainStreet #repairbacklog #congress #MainStreetAmerica

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America Saves: Main Street Tips + Best Practices

Main Street, downtown, and community development programs across the country should consider this document to be a source of information and issue framing, to encourage increased small business energy efficiency. The assembled best practices were developed based on outcomes and learnings derived...

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Boston and the Main Street Program: Using the Roslindale Village Approach to Revitalize Neighborhood Commercial Centers City-Wide

Located in the southwestern part of Boston along Washington Street, an early stage route from Boston to Providence, Roslindale first developed as a farming community. In the mid-nineteenth century, the arrival of the railroad, the streetcar, and annexation to Boston stimulated suburban growth....

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Buy Local” Helps Main Street Merchants and Other Independents Survive Recession

A growing body of evidence suggests that public enthusiasm for all things local and independent is on the rise, providing locally owned businesses with a measure of insulation from the worst effects of the recession, even as some of their biggest competitors teeter and collapse. In January...

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Main Street: The Early Years

I guess this little vignette could have also been entitled "I Remember Main Street." However, my first thoughts when asked to write something about my years and experience with Main Street were not about finding a title, but rather that this is another sign that I am aging because someone is...