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From Vacancy to Vitality in Little Havana

With contributions from Carson Hartmann In many cities across the country, older neighborhoods are experiencing intense development pressures. City planners, preservationists, and residents are considering how to maintain community identity while also accommodating growth. In such scenarios,...

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From Vacancy to Vitality: Quantifying Infill Opportunity in Little Havana, Miami

As part of the National Trust’s role in developing the Little Havana Me Importa Revitalization Plan , the National Trust’s Research & Policy Lab explored pathways to accommodate neighborhood change without losing the older, smaller buildings that give the area its architectural character...


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Forum Webinar: National Treasures: Shaping the Future of Preservation

During last week’s Forum Webinar, representatives from three National Treasure projects discussed centering their preservation work on people. Ana Edwards reflected on her role at Shockoe Bottom , Gabriela Rosada talked about her experience in Little Havana , and Seri Worden gave insight into...

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Slide Deck: National Treasures: Shaping the Future of Preservation

This is the slide deck for the Forum Webinar "National Treasures: Shaping the Future of Preservation" which streamed live on June 12, 2018. #NationalTreasure #ShockoeBottom #HistoricPhiladelphia #LittleHavana

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National Treasures: Shaping the Future of Preservation (June 12, 2018 | Forum Webinar)

Sit in on a moderated discussion between three representatives of National Treasure projects Little Havana, Shockoe Bottom and Historic Neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Panelists will talk about how the goals and processes of their work are reflecting what preservation leaders from across the...

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Welcome, Little Havana: Miami’s Newest National Treasure

The sensory experience of walking the streets of Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood is unforgettable. The layered histories, the rich cultural expression, and the colorful architecture underscore the importance of this unique neighborhood. I am proud to say that the National Trust added...

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