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Women Are Essential: New Ways of Seeing Women in Every Historic Place (Part 1)

This webinar took place June 24, 2021. A collaboration between Preservation Leadership Forum and the campaign for Where Women Made History . Women are Essential PART 1: New Ways of Seeing Women in Every Historic Place Every place has a woman’s story to tell, if only we could do a...

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Surviving an Unexpected Weather Event: Villa Finale and the Texas Storm of 2021

By Farrah Varga When the calendar rolled over to January, we did not expect everything to immediately change for the better, but no one in the path of the almost benignly named “Winter Storm Uri” in February 2021 had anything quite like a “snowpocalypse” in mind. For those of at Villa Finale...

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RPM (revolutions per minute): A Look at the Role of Sound at Philip Johnson's Glass House

Originally published in Cultured Magazine (September 2018) This post is part of an examination of the role intangible heritage plays in preservation and storytelling. You can learn more in the latest issue of Forum Journal . A curatorial project from the start, the Glass House of...

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"Doing Women’s History in Public": A Q&A with Heather Huyck

All year long organizations across the country have been marking the centennial of the 19th Amendment. Along with that commemoration comes increased time and attention to the telling of women’s stories at historic places. This past spring Rowman & Littlefield (as part of their series with...

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More than Maintenance: Replacing the Glass of the Glass House

By Ashley Wilson and Anna Blyth Philip Johnson’s Glass House , the National Trust for Historic Preservation Historic Site in New Canaan, Connecticut, spans 49 acres that once belonged to one of the United States’ prominent modernist architects. Johnson used the property as a playground for...

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Honoring James M. Vaughan: Leader in Re-Inventing Historic House Museums and Historic Sites

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the preservation and historic house museum fields, remember and honor the life and career of James M. Vaughan, who served as vice president for Historic Sites at the National Trust from 2000-2011 and executive director of the Pennsylvania...

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Preservation Community Outlines Priorities to Congress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many of us are approaching the two-month mark of a new way of living, working, and responding to the lifestyle and economic conditions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Nonprofit organizations and others continue to operate in a state of economic crisis due to the loss of revenue from...

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Forum Webinar: Communicating and Fundraising for Preservation in a Time of Uncertainty

Editor’s Note: This webinar was part of a series presented by Preservation Leadership Forum in response to the coronavirus crisis. To learn more about future webinars, visit our Forum Webinar page and sign up for updates . For more resources and materials for non-profits and historic sites...

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