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Network: Cycling Through History

What has 2,000 wheels, rolls an average of sixty miles a day at ten miles per hour, uses lots of water, and spends tens of thousands of dollars in small historic towns? Cycle Across Maryland is one of more than twenty, multiday, across-state bicycle tours now scheduled throughout the United...

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July/August 1991 Forum Journal: Focus on Heritage Tourism

Table of Contents Generating Media Coverage of Historic Sites by Debbie Geiger Case Study: The Chattahoochee Trace of Alabama and Georgia by Douglas C. Pucell Protecting the Public Landscape of a National Historic Landmark by Mark R. Edwards Building Partnerships Through Heritage...

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Management: Addressing the Real Issues

What does it take in the 1990s to succeed in running a historical organization? A Ph.D. plus an M.B.A. plus a law degree? A combination of the business acumen of Lee lacocca, the intellectual grasp of Arnold Toynbee, and the ability to pull ’em in of P.T. Bamum? What happens to mission in the...

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Fall 1988 Forum Journal

Table of Contents Selling America's Heritage without Selling Out by Richard J. Roddewig Guide To Building Heritage, Arts and Tourism Partnerships by Sandy M. Guettler and William P. Moskin Viewpoints: Historic Preservation and Tourism by Arthur Frommer Looking Forward: The...

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Summer 1999 Forum Journal : New Direction in Heritage Tourism

​ Table of Contents A Decade of Heritage Tourism by Amy Jordan Webb Tourism and the Environment: What's the Connection? by Edward T. McMahon Experiencing America through Heritage Tourism by Peter Brink American Pathways 2000: Honoring the Past, Imagining the...


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Fall 2003 Forum Journal: "Is It Real?" Exploring Authenticity at Historic Sites

Table of Contents * Introduction by Byrd Wood * A Place for Authenticity at Lincoln Cottage by William A. Dupont, AIA * Recent Investigations at Montpelier; Introduction by Michael Quinn; by Mark R. Wenger and Myron O. Stachiw * Exploring the Boundary: Archeological Authenticity...


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Summer 2003 Forum Journal: Regional Heritage Areas: Connecting People to Places and History

Table of Contents * Introduction by Richard Moe * Heritage Areas: Connecting People to their Place and History by Jayne Daly * Evolution of the Heritage Area Movement by J. Glenn Eugster * Planning for Heritage Areas by Joseph DiBello * The Blue Ridge Heritage Initiative:...


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Cheryl Hargrove on Cultural Heritage Tourism

Cheryl Hargrove was the first director of heritage tourism for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, serving from 1989 through 1995. As a national leader in heritage tourism, Hargrove developed key steps and principles for sustainable tourism focusing on history and culture, which...

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Fall 2007 Forum Journal Heritage Corridors: Pathways to History

Table of Contents Introduction: Heritage Corridors as Pathways to History by Brenda Barrett The Great Allegheny Passage and Its Trail Towns: Connecting Recreation, Tourism, and Community Redevelopment by Linda McKenna Box Preserving Route 66: A Federal Perspective by...

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Spring 2008 Forum Journal: America's Historic Sites at a Crossroads

Table Of Contents Introduction: The Call for a National Conversation by James Vaughan Historic House Museums: An Embarrassment of Riches? by Marian A. Godfrey Crisis or Transition? Diagnosing Success at Historic Sites by Max A. van Balgooy Funding the...

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