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Summer 2012 Forum Journal: Green and Local Powers Preservation

​ Cities both large and small are embracing sustainability for a number of reasons and in a variety of different ways. The Summer 2012 issue of Forum Journal focuses on the efforts of local communities to integrate historic preservation with sustainability goals. These efforts range from ...


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Spring 2009 Forum Journal: Positioning Preservation in a Green World

T able of Contents • Introduction by Emily Wadhams • Historic Preservation and Green Buildings: Finding Common Ground by Richard Moe • Positioning Preservation in the Center of the Green Area by Steve Tilly • The Secretary Standards and Leed: Where They Work Together and Where...

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Developing Sustainability Guidelines for Historic Districts (2011)

A guide for historic preservation commissions on how to include sustainability principles in design guidelines for rehabilitation of historic properties and for design of compatible new construction in historic districts. #PreservationTools #GreenGuidelines #historicdistricts #design


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March 2013 Forum Focus: Putting the Saving Windows, Saving Money Report to Work

The Preservation Green Lab’s recently released report, Saving Windows, Saving Money: Evaluating the Energy Performance of Window Replacement and Retrofit, helps owners of historic homes make informed decisions about the pros and cons of retrofitting or replacing older windows in order to...


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Game Change: Introduction (Fall 2012)

For 25 years, the National Trust’s quarterly publication, Forum Journal , has been publishing articles by the leaders in the preservation movement. Many of these articles have had a significant impact on the field, leading to new ways of thinking and advances in preservation practice. We...

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The Power of Preservation: Historic Properties and Renewable Energy in the Northwest

“Adverse effect? But our power line will span it, how can that be an impact?” The Energy Policy Act surged onto the stage in 2005 to renew interest in energy development by expanding renewable energy, especially wind and solar. A resurgence of proposed mega transmission line projects has...

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The Greenest Building Is...One That Is Already Built

A page has turned. In decades hence, 2006 may well be regarded as the year when the national discussion about the future of our cities, perhaps our civilization, changed from a debate over whether human impacts on the environment are leading to potentially severe problems to one focused on what...

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“Green” -habbing Chicago’s Signature Bungalows

About NeighborWorks The NeighborWorks® network of 235 member organizations builds safe, affordable housing, provides homeownership and financial fitness opportunities, and spurs economic development in thousands of neighborhoods and rural communities in 49 states. NeighborWorks...