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Dismantle Preservation: Getting Serious about Building a New Model for the Field

In late July 2020, preservationists from across the country gathered for the Dismantle Preservation Virtual Unconference. Organized and sponsored by Sarah Marsom a heritage resource consultant, this conference directly addressed some of the problematic areas of the preservation profession to...

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Preservation’s Existential Crisis

January 23, 2020, was an unseasonably warm night for New England. I almost left the house in a short-sleeved sweater—but I was glad when I arrived at Grace Church in downtown Providence that I had worn an extra layer. When I get nervous, I get cold, and it was good to be over-dressed as people...

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A Preservation Pause: Irene Hirano Inouye, Virginia McAlester, and Inspiration for the Future of Preservation

Every morning for the last four weeks, I have stood on my balcony and taken a single moment, a breath, before I start the day. Like many of you, I find the current state of the world overwhelming, and this moment, this pause, helps clear my mind to find order in the chaos in which we now live. ...

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Heritage Conservation for All Ages

Sarah Marsom is the winner of the 2018 American Express Aspire Award, which recognizes an emerging leader who has made significant achievements in the preservation field. We asked Marsom to share some thoughts about her work—and the field overall. Fostering connections to the past and to...

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A Preservation Look Forward

This post is adapted from remarks at the February 23, 2019, National Trust for Historic Preservation Board of Trustees meeting. Board chairman Timothy Whalen invited me to speak at my last board meeting after more than two decades with the National Trust. Over the past 22 years, I made it a...

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We Can Carry the Change in Preservation Forward—But Not Alone

Preservationists have made substantial progress toward a more inclusive, less restricted movement. Our practice is increasingly multifaceted—we are staffing historic sites, working in construction trades, supporting real estate and economic development, and working as advocacy professionals. And...

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The Future of Preservation Movement

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, and the National Preservation Conference scheduled for October 16-20 in San Francisco will focus on the future of the historic preservation movement. As an introduction to the issues that will be presented...

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Management: Salary Survey of Nonprofit Preservation Groups

Encouraged by the National Council of Preservation Executives, the National Trust surveyed 151 local and thirty-four slate preservation organizations last summer to determine the compensation packages of their two top management positions. While the Trust had conducted similar surveys previously...

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Inexorably Tied to Place: Contemplating Preservation in the New Year

As we consider the new year and the professional challenges and opportunities it is sure to bring, let me ask you this question: Why do you go to work every day? I asked myself that question the other day. I had just received a very nice note from my supervisor, David J. Brown, executive vice...

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