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Supporting Historic Preservation Through a Legislative Caucus

​A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy #congress #Lobbying #Advocacy #ForumNews


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Lobbying and Political Action

A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy #ForumNews #Advocacy #congress #Lobbying

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Cleveland Limits Downtown Parking Lots

Cleveland preservationists are cheering the passage early this year of a city ordinance that restricts the addition or expansion of surface parking lots in the central business district. The ordinance effectively removes the incentive for parking lot operators to purchase older buildings with...

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The Property Rights Debate: A Preservationist's Guide

One far-reaching impact of last November`s election has been its effect on the strident "property rights" debate that is gripping the country. Senators Dole and Gramm are allies in pushing their Omnibus Property Rights Act, and the House has passed legislation mandating compensation for a twenty...

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Creative Thinking Saves Landmark

In just a few years, Gibraltar-a du Pont family estate with formal gardens in Wilmington, Del.-has gone from being a deteriorating white elephant to a genuine success story. And, in the course of saving it, Preservation Delaware, Inc. (PDI), has grown from a struggling young organization into a...

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OUT THERE: Thanks for visiting Tulsa. Please come again to see Preservation in Progress.

Tulsa, Okla., is not a preservation success story; not yet, anyway. All of you who attended the 2008 Preservation Conference in Tulsa—on the theme “Preservation in Progress!”—are aware that the city has not always had a preservation ethic at work. Our historic city...

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It’s Full Count for San Diego’s Warehouse District

The 1998 baseball season was a good one for San Diego fans. The Padres made it to the World Series. When Padres CEO and president Larry Lucchino, who had overseen construction of popular Camden Yards for the Baltimore Orioles, proposed building a new ball park downtown, he won strong support...

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Smart Advocacy Campaign Leads to Kentucky Rehab Tax Credit

Preservation Kentucky was only six years old when it successfully lobbied the state legislature to include a historic rehabilitation tax credit in the governor’s tax modernization plan. Although the organization had lobbied for the tax credit for several years, it only focused on the bill when...

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California Wildfires Show Need for Cultural Resource Surveys

Standing in the ashes of the Dyer House at Cuyamaca State Historic Park this time four years ago, I could not believe any fire could be as terrible as the 2003 Cedar Fire. Not only was the Dyer House completely gutted except for its stone walls, it was not listed in the California Register of...