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Remembering John H. Bryan Jr.—Philanthropist, Collector, and Connoisseur

Many tributes are sure to be written to honor John H. Bryan Jr., as his death this October marked the end of a life of achievement. Beyond his career accomplishments, most recently as CEO of the Sara Lee Corporation, he will be remembered for his incredible generosity in the fields of the arts,...

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Window Repair Strategies at the Farnsworth House

The Farnsworth House, which Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed in 1945 and built in 1951, sits in the floodplain of the Fox River in Plano, Illinois, about 55 miles west of Chicago. The house is a steel structure with concrete floors and travertine pavers, and its interior space is enclosed with...

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Flood Mitigation, Choose Your Own Adventure Style

Owners of buildings that are susceptible to flooding are currently evaluating what they can do to protect their properties. Here at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we have been going through that process with our site that frequently floods, the Farnsworth House in Plano,...

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Spring 2006 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​ Table of Contents The Preservation and Restoration of Conscience by Ruth J. Abram Sustainability: The Ongoing Challenge for Historic Sites by Colin G. Campbell Advocacy for Heritage Sites by Fiona Reynolds Visionaries vs. Pragmatists: The Debate Over How to Interpret 20th...


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“Preservation as Provocation” Winners Discuss Designs for the Farnsworth House

The Farnsworth House is one of the most revered buildings of the 20th century. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1945 and constructed in 1951, it is a vital part of modern iconography. The building first opened to the public in 2005 and a modest visitor’s center was erected. Visitors...

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Spring 2016 Forum Journal: Activating Historic Spaces

Activating historic spaces hinges on engaging audiences, existing and new, in the reimagination of a site. Successfully activating places requires a dual connection: the contemporary reanimation of a place must both credibly incorporate its past and authentically resonate with its present-day...

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Visionaries vs. Pragmatists:

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s house for Edith Farnsworth in Plano, Ill., completed in 1951, and Philip Johnson’s Glass House, completed in 1949, are linked in many ways. The obvious connections that scholars and critics have explored over the years concern architectural history. Johnson...

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Why Do Old Places Matter? Architecture

Note: Tom Mayes' popular Why Do Old Places Matter? series is now available as a book Why Old Places Matter. Order the book today . Editor's Note: Click here for full coverage on the Why Do Old Places Matter? series including the Spring 2015 issue of Forum Journal . Tom Mayes, a...

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