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A Response to “Historic Preservation is Great, Except When it Isn’t”

A couple days ago, Governing ran a story entitled “ Historic Preservation is Great, Except When it Isn’t ." Written by Scott Beyer who calls himself a “market urbanist,” the piece focused on preservation in New York City. Since PlaceEconomics just finished a study of preservation in New...

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[Slide Deck and Resources] Coronavirus Response: the Historic Tax Credit as An Economic Recovery Tool

The federal Historic Tax Credit is a proven economic stimulus tool that spurs community revitalization, creates jobs, and returns more money to the Treasury than it costs. Join National Trust Community Investment Corporation, the Historic Tax Credit Coalition, and Preservation Leadership Forum...

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May/June 1991 Forum Journal: Coping with the Economic Downturn

Table of Contents Historic House Museums: Impacting Local Economies by Sandra K. Wilcoxon The Recessions: Good News in Bad Times by Donovan Rypkema The Pittsburgh Experience: Financing Preservation Projects in Low- and Moderate-Income Districts by Stanley A. Lowe, Walter C. Kidney...

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Slide Deck: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

This is the slide deck for the joint Forum and Public Policy Webinar "Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community" that took place on January 17, 2019. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives #OpportunityZones

January 2019 Webinar on Opportunity Zones - FINAL PPT - To Share.pdf

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Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community (January 17, 2019 | Forum & Public Policy Joint Webinar)

Learn about the “opportunities” and potential issues for preservation presented by the new federal incentive called Opportunity Zones. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives #OpportunityZones

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Opportunity Zones Come Into Focus

By now, you’ve probably heard about Opportunity Zones, but you may still not be sure whether to be excited, alarmed, or indifferent regarding their implications for your community. That’s no surprise—depending on whom you ask, Opportunity Zones constitute either the most significant federal...

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Annual Report Details Economic Benefits of the Historic Tax Credit

For the past five years, the preservation community has benefitted from a partnership between the National Park Service’s (NPS) Technical Preservation Services and Rutgers University’s Center for Urban Policy Research. Through this partnership, the NPS has produced the “ Annual Report on the...

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