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Remembering Dawn Bohulano Mabalon

It is my hope that the love, respect, and commitment we feel for our historic community runs deeper than anything that can divide us. Little Manila will always be in our hearts. —Dawn Bohulano Mabalon Dr. Dawn Bohulano Mabalon, a passionate activist who dedicated her life to chronicling the...

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Excavating History: A Conversation with Bill Watanabe and Marjorie Akin

By Amy Guay While organizations like Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Historic Preservation take on the challenge of representing the preservation needs of a diverse and sprawling Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) community, other APIA-related groups have a more narrow focus....

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New Theme Study Uplifts Asian American and Pacific Islander History

By Amy Guay Few would categorize preservation as disruption. The act of safeguarding structures that have been around for decades or centuries sooner implies the maintenance of an existing environment, while bulldozers are used to upend the status quo. But “ Finding a Path Forward ,” the...

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Spring 2004 Forum Journal: Viewpoints: A Commitment to Diversity

Table of Contents Confronting Contentious Pasts: The Challenges of Interpreting "Controversial" Subjects at America's Historic Sites by Dwight Pitcaithley Preserving the Sites and Telling the Story of Japanese and American Internment by Amy Cole and Anne Gailliot Preserving...


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Significance Across Generations: Artifacts at the Panama Hotel

When President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 , Japanese Americans living across the West Coast had only days to pack up their lives—to decide what few belongings were essential and what to do with the many other things that they were leaving behind for an indeterminate period...

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The Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship

The Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship program provides financial assistance and experiential learning opportunities to individuals preparing for careers in historic preservation. The Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship The Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship program provides financial...

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Preserving the Sites and Telling the Story of Japanese American Internment

Beginning in 1942, almost 120,000 persons of Japanese ancestry living along the west coast of the United States were rounded up and forced to leave behind their homes, businesses, and possessions for the bleak conditions of internment camps. For many years the history of the internment...

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Preserving Places That Recall Divisive Times: A Survival Guide

The preservation of America’s historic sites, and the resulting visitation to them, has provided very public means to educate millions of Americans and foreigners about U.S. history. And in much the same way that the practice of scholarly history gradually expanded beyond the study of politics,...

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Protecting Cultural Properties as Living Classrooms on Guam

Celebrating Pågat in Downtown Hagatna | Credit: Brian R. Turner Today is World Heritage Day, and the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) is participating in a worldwide heritage blogathon. Brian Turner in our San Francisco Field Office contributed the...

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