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Envisioning the Ghost Fleet of the Potomac National Marine Sanctuary

By Carrie Villar and Sharee Williamson In October the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced the Ghost Fleet of the Potomac as a new National Treasure, with the ultimate goal of establishing a new national marine sanctuary . Consisting of approximately 200 known wrecks, more...

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Fall 2003 Forum Journal: "Is It Real?" Exploring Authenticity at Historic Sites

Table of Contents * Introduction by Byrd Wood * A Place for Authenticity at Lincoln Cottage by William A. Dupont, AIA * Recent Investigations at Montpelier; Introduction by Michael Quinn; by Mark R. Wenger and Myron O. Stachiw * Exploring the Boundary: Archeological Authenticity...


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Fall 2008 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​ Table of Contents Interstate Safety Rest Areas: Enhancing the American Travel Experience by Joanna Dowling Considering Archeology: What Site Stewards Should Know by Scott M. Grammer The Paradores of Spain: A Sojourn to Refresh the Preservation Soul by Theodore Ligibel ...

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National Marine Sanctuaries: Protecting History Underwater

In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed the National Marine Sanctuaries Act , which authorized the Secretary of Commerce to designate and protect areas of the marine environment that possess special national significance. This federal law was the first to specifically call for the protection of...

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[VIDEO] From Chaco Canyon to Chimney Rock: A Landscape Worth Protecting

Published in 2014 this video from the National Trust transports you to this historic landscape through a seldom-seen aerial perspective that illustrates the Chaco sites, their connectivity to the landscape, and the threats they face from energy development in the San Juan Basin. ...

Archeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA)

Primary federal statute governing archeological resources. Source : Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing Historic Resources Protection . Washington, DC: National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2008. ...

Abandoned Shipwreck Act

Federal law vesting title to abandoned shipwrecks found in state territorial waters, thereby enabling the preservation of historic shipwrecks. Source : Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing Historic Resources...

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Blog Series: Why Do Old Places Matter?

Note: Tom Mayes' popular Why Do Old Places Matter series will be released in as a book Why Old Places Matter on September 1, 2018. Pre-order the book today . In 2013 Tom Mayes, the deputy general counsel at the National Trust for Historic preservation, was selected as a winner of the Rome...

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Issues Relating to the Use and Preservation of Hopi Sacred Sites

The Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona encompasses lands that the Hopi peoplehave inhabited for more than a thousand years. Unlike many other tribes, the Hopi people havenever been relocated from their ancestral lands to other geographical areas by the United Statesgovernment. Over the...

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Conservation Easements for Archeological Preservation

An architect might see an archeological site as a building that failed. Archeologists, however, see a fragile, nonrenewable resource that is rich with information about the past. All archeological sites experience gradual processes of deterioration over time. However, across the U.S., dramatic...