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Remarks by Stephanie K. Meeks at PastForward 2017

Good evening and thanks for joining us for PastForward 2017. It is a pleasure to be here with you in Chicago, one of America’s most historic cities. This was once the center of American industry. The nexus of the railroads and the meeting place of east and west. The home of Hull House and...

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The 2017 National Preservation Awards

The 2017 National Preservation Awards are being presented throughout this week at PastForward 2017 in Chicago. The awards honor an inspirational set of projects, individuals, and organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the field of preservation. View from a community garden at...

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Presenting “Preservation for People: A Vision for the Future”

Last year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation joined preservation colleagues all across the nation in celebrating 50 years of achievement under the National Historic Preservation Act—the critical 1966 law that still shapes our work today. We also took the opportunity of this golden...

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Messaging Historic Preservation

Each of us tells a personal story about what draws us to the work of saving places. For my part, I often talk about two things : my family’s connection to the historic town of Eatonville, Florida, and my passion for ensuring that communities of color are fully represented in both our...

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Embracing Change Through Rebranding: Preservation Utah

By Kirk Huffaker For the past 50 years, Utah Heritage Foundation has worked to unite all Utahns to ensure that historic places thrive in a rapidly changing world. Utah’s historic architecture is as rich in diversity, style, form, and function as the topography that has influenced it. We...

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Deferred Maintenance: A Preservationist’s Nightmare

We preservationists see the world differently. Sometimes we see buildings through rose-colored glasses, but more often than not, our eyes are immediately drawn to rotting sills; mold; and—horror of horrors—missing gutters, siding, windows, and roofs. While these can be minor problems...

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Announcing the 2016 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Yesterday the National Trust for Historic Preservation unveiled its 2016 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places . To mark this announcement, Preservation Leadership Forum pulled together resources that provide context, lessons learned, or additional information about the...

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