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America Saves: Main Street Tips + Best Practices

Main Street, downtown, and community development programs across the country should consider this document to be a source of information and issue framing, to encourage increased small business energy efficiency. The assembled best practices were developed based on outcomes and learnings derived...

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13 Tips for Business Owners to Save Energy, and Money

After review of the 10 Low-Cost or No-Cost Tips for Small Businesses to Save Energy , and Money guide, small business owners should consult this guide for more specific, step-by-step instructions. Again, some of these tips apply at home as well! #Energy #Sustainability #AmericaSaves ...


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10 Low-Cost or No-Cost Tips for Small Businesses to Save Energy, and Money

Small business owners should consider this resource document as an essential guide for “where to start” in search of taking measurable steps towards saving energy, and money. These low-hanging fruit tips can also serve as a good “where to start” for homeowners and renters...


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America Saves Sample Energy Report

This is a sample America Saves custom energy report that was delivered to small businesses who participated in the America Saves project. Each report communicates the characteristics of each business’ existing energy use and highlighted areas for potential improvements and savings. ...

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Small Businesses Save Big: A Borrower’s Guide To Increase the Bottom Line Using Energy Efficiency

This factsheet was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Small Business Alliance (SBA) and uses data from the Preservation Green Lab's America Saves program to support increased small business energy efficiency access and performance. #PreservationGreenLab ...


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America Saves Case Studies

The America Saves case studies present detailed information about the process of organizing a targeted small business energy efficiency program in the following three communities: Fond du Lac, WI Middlesboro, KY Hyde Jackson Square, Boston, MA Each program’s structure...

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America Saves: Three Years in Review

The Preservation Green Lab and Main Street America have spent the last three years touring the country to meet and work with small business communities, electric and gas utilities, energy efficiency contractors, and local energy efficiency and small business champions. All of this work...

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