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NTHP Comment Letter to HUD and the White House on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing

In response to a request for information (RFI), the National Trust offered comments to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the White House Council on Eliminating Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing, regarding Federal, State, local and Tribal laws, regulations, and...

NTHP Comment Letter to HUD Docket No. FR-6187-N-01.pdf

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Historic Tax Credits and Affordable Housing (May 2018 | Public Policy Webinar)

The Historic Tax Credit has been successfully used in conjunction with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts offer a "bump-up" or a slight increase in the amount of their historic tax credits for affordable housing creation. Learn how affordable housing goals...

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Winter 2003 Forum Journal: Cities, Suburbs & Countryside

​ Table of Contents * Bringing the Preservation Message to Broader Audiences by Richard Moe * A Welcome to Cleveland by Mayor Jane L. Campbell * Protecting Historic Resources Through Partnerships by Fran P. Mainella * Preserving the Full Scope of America’s Past by Rodney J....


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Winter 2004 Forum Journal: New Frontiers in Preservation

​ Table of Contents * Introduction by Richard Moe: New Frontiers in Preservation * How Creativity and Sense of Place Fuel the New Economy by Richard Florida * Lewis and Clark’s American Odyssey by Dayton Duncan * Native America in the 21st Century: Out of the Mists and...


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HTC Affordable Housing Letter

In August 2017 the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the National Trust Community Investment Corporation, and the Historic Tax Credit Coalition submitted a letter to the Senate Finance Committee in response to a hearing about the affordable housing crisis. This letter notes that roughly...

HTC Affordable Housing Let. 8-15-17.pdf

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Winter 2011 Forum Journal: Broadening Perspectives

The articles in the Winter 2011 issue of the Forum Journal can be described in six simple words: next, ordinances, habitat, Jane, murals, and beer! An eclectic set of terms, but one that represents six complex and engaging articles that reach into very different areas of preservation practice....


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Creating Workforce Housing in a Historic D.C. Neighborhood

By Lauren Oswalt McHale In 2012 The L’Enfant Trust launched its award-winning —and Washington, D.C.’s first— Historic Properties Redevelopment Program (HPRP) in the Anacostia Historic District. The HPRP uses historic preservation as the key to reclaiming derelict...

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How Pruitt-Igoe Became a National Historic Landmark

By Michael Allen In preparation for the upcoming Forum Journal issue on the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, we are re-printing this piece by Michael Allen. It has been updated from it's original form. In August 2016 the city of St. Louis sold the 33...

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