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The Public Historian: Growth of Historic Sites

Cultural heritage sites that bring forward the African American narrative have served a crucial role in redefining our collective history and, ultimately, reconstructing a national identity that reflects the country’s true diversity. Preservation professionals and grassroots leaders harness the...

Public Historian Essay by Brent Leggs titled Growth of Historic Sites 2018.pdf

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Lessons Learned, Lessons Shared: A Q & A with Jannie Harriot

The work of the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission (SCAAHC), which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, illustrates how grassroots organizations and leaders can have a significant impact on historic preservation efforts in their state. Founded as a council in 1993 and...

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Unearthing Truth: Sugar Land’s Past and Future

By Hanna Kim An affluent suburb of Houston, Sugar Land is lauded for its ethnic diversity, educated workforce, beautiful neighborhoods, excellent schools, and handsome town center. Recent events, however, have exposed a disturbing history, creating national and even international headlines and...

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Slide Deck: Finding Funding: The National Trust Grants Program

This is the slide deck for the Forum Webinar "Finding Funding: The National Trust Grants Program" which took place on December 19. #PreservationFundGrants #AACHAF #ForumWebinar #Funding

National Trust Grants.pdf

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Finding Funding: The National Trust Grants Program (December 19, 2018 | Forum Webinar)

Diana Maxwell, Manager of Grants at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, gives an overview of the National Trust's grant opportunities, including what's available, tips for your application, and more. #ForumWebinar #Funding #PreservationFundGrants #AACHAF

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2018 Recipients

African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grants from the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund are designed to advance ongoing preservation activities for historic places such as sites, museums, and landscapes representing African...

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New Research: Cultural Heritage and the Risk of Displacement in African American Neighborhoods

The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Research & Policy Lab is launching a major new study about the connections between preservation, affordability, and risk of displacement in historically African American neighborhoods in 10 cities across the United States. Supported through...

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