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Using State Historic Tax Credits to Create Affordable Housing

In this webinar, which took place June 30, 2021, listen to three perspectives on how state historic tax credits can help repurpose historic buildings to create new units of affordable housing. Leslie Reid serves as the CEO of Madison Park Development Corporation, one of the largest...

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Reading List: Prepping for Town Halls at PastForward Online 2020

One of the new features this year at PastForward Online 2020 (October 27-30), are three live Town Halls. Using digital tools, these interactive sessions will provide a forum for open discussion and give you an opportunity to share your own beliefs and ideas for action. Each of these Town Halls...

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Opportunity Zones and Historic Preservation: At the Crossroads

At the National Trust’s 2019 PastForward Conference in Denver, Opportunity Zones were a popular topic. Opportunity Zones have gained significant attention and notoriety as either a potential new tool for historic preservation or a modern iteration of Urban Renewal. For those that missed the...

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A Thirst for History: An Assessment of the Compatibility of Federal Rural-Development Program and Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation was awarded a contract from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, fulfilling a directive from the U.S. Senate Agriculture Appropriations Committee, under the authority of the Rural Development Act of 1972, to study the compatibility of federal rural...

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Two Years Later: Impact of the Vacant Home Tour on a Community

By Marlee Gallagher In 2014 I went to a neighbor’s house for a community meeting and met graduate student, Ken Chu, along with a group of other Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) students, both graduate and undergraduate. They were all enrolled in a class focused on the intersection of design...

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Partnership for Building Reuse: Chicago

Chicago’s older buildings are known the world over as incredible architectural assets. The city is experiencing growth and investment that is bringing population, employment, and vitality back to the city. Townhomes are being rehabilitated and new apartment blocks are sprouting up near...

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Site Plan

Proposed plan for development submitted by the property owner for review by a planning board or other governmental entity that addresses issues such as the siting of structures, landscaping, pedestrian and vehicular access, lighting, signage, and other features. Source: Miller, Julia H. A...

Demolition by Neglect

Process of allowing a building to deteriorate to the point where demolition is necessary to protect public health and safety. Source : Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing Historic Resources Protection ....

Comprehensive Plan

Official plan adopted by local governments that guides decision making over proposed public and private actions affecting community development. Source: Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing Historic Resources...