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On the Hill: President Biden’s FY22 Budget Recommends Record Funding for Historic Preservation

Following last year’s enactment of the most significant funding levels ($144.3 million) for historic preservation to date, the Biden Administration released its FY22 budget with a record $151.8 million in proposed funding for the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) at the end of May. It is...

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FY 22 Appropriations Testimony and Letters

This library entry contains testimony and documents from the National Trust related to the FY22 Appropriations process. #Advocacy #congress #appropriations

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The Preservation Budget: FY2022

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to release “The Preservation Budget: Select Preservation Priorities for FY 2022 Appropriations.” This report is designed to assist congressional staff and our preservation partners in appreciating—and advocating for—key federal programs...

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Advocacy Toolkit (Updated July 2020)

Originally developed for the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy these five sections were updated in July 2020. They include: Communicating with Elected Officials Working with a n Advocacy Coalition Developing a Grassroots Network Growing a...

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National Park Service Underrepresented Community Grants Help to Tell the Full American Story

By Christine Grubbs and Tom Cassidy In early July, the National Park Service (NPS) announced the FY 2019 grants for the Underrepresented Community Grant Program, a competitive grant program that helps to protect and interpret the sites that tell the stories of all Americans. This small, but...

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On the Hill: House Considering FY21 Appropriations with Historic Funding Levels for the Historic Preservation Fund

Editor’s Note: The House of Representatives passed H.R. 7608—a package of four appropriations bills including the FY21 Interior Appropriations bill—by a vote of 224 to 189 on Friday, July 24, 2020. This week, the House is considering legislation that would provide a new record high of $136...

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COVID-19 Stimulus Requests Documents

A collection of documents related to Stimulus requests regarding COVID-19 in 2020. Sign On Letter for Preservation and Cultural Resources (April 30) On April 30, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and an alliance of 379 historic preservation and business partners recently urged...

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Forum Webinar: Resources for Congressional Appropriations

Last week Preservation Leadership Forum held its first webinar of the year, focusing in on the FY21 Congressional Appropriations process. The webinar examined funding levels for a variety of different programs and discussed the potential impact of changes on the field. Credit: Architect of...

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Congressional Appropriations for Historic Preservation: An Overview of Funding Goals for Select Federal Programs

Learn how Congress sets funding levels for key federal programs impacting preservation and the wide-ranging impacts these funds have in the field. Panelists will discuss this year’s FY 2021 appropriations season and provide a deep dive on the suite of programs funded through the Historic...

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The most effective preservation advocate is an informed preservation advocate. Preservation & Appropriations The annual federal appropriations process has big impacts on historic preservation work nationwide. Learn more about the National Trust’s appropriations work and how you can advocate for...